Personal Development: Step by Step Guide

Personal development is a process, and because it's a process planning it should also be organized and well thought of in order for it to be successful. This article will be showing you a guide on fully planning and completing your venture for self-improvement.

Here are the steps:

Self Evaluate!

First step is self-evaluation. Take note of all your strengths and weaknesses. In this process make sure to be unbiased and totally honest. Keep in mind that this will be the foundation of the whole process. Therefore make sure the results are accurate and true. You can also asks opinions from people who are close to you, because there are some parts about ourselves that we don't usually notice but is very noticeable from another person's view-point.


The first step is done; now, the second step in the whole process would be determining which strengths and weaknesses you plan to develop. Prioritize which you need to do first or which you can do together.


In this step you will need to formulate a plan or strategy in improving yourself. Since you already know what specifics thing would you like to improve about yourself, you will need to plan specific interventions on those things, and also in this stage you need to clearly state the goals you want to achieve and how you can evaluate these goals after the end of the whole process.

Put into action!

Here's comes the hardest part, since you've already fully plan the things you need to do. This is the stage to put your plans into actions. Remember, this is the hardest part and if you don't properly do the plans you need to put into action, chances will be very high that you won't be successful. Also a point to remember here is not to give, there might be times in which you will fail to fully follow your plan, but don't let this get you. Give yourself some chances to commit mistakes, just make sure to do your best to not let it happen again.


This stage is the evaluation stage, as I've mentioned in the planning stage to put how to specifically evaluate the goals you want to achieve. This is the stage that you will be doing it. Verify if the goals you want to achieve were met. If by any chance they weren't let this upset you. You just need to retrace the steps that you've taken. Check which part made you not achieve your goals. If you've already found it, reformulate a better plan and go through with the process again and again until you succeed in personal development.

Following these steps will help you in achieving your goal to achieve your quest in personal development, but remember that the path of self-development in itself is personal. Therefore, if you develop your own method to develop yourself without these steps, then you can also do that. Each person has his own style. This guide is more of a generic guide that you can use.

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