Erase the Guilty Feeling With Visualization

Guilt—do you know that it’s one of the main reasons why you cannot really move on with your life? There’s always that certain level of fear and uncertainty. You feel limited because you are afraid you might meet the reason for the guilt or perhaps you’re going to repeat the same scenario that caused such negative emotion.

You can carry the guilt for many years. In fact, you can hear stories of people who bring along such feeling unto their grave. Surely, you don’t want to reach such point. Otherwise, you will not be able to enjoy the life you have right now.

But how do you exactly get rid of the guilt? You can start by doing some visualization exercises.

What Is Visualization?

For many, visualization is a process where you are going to use images to drive a point or send a message usually to yourself. However, you can actually enhance visualization to include sounds and even words, making the message much clearer and thus easier to pick up.

Visualization can be likened to daydreaming. You normally create scenarios in your mind. The only thing is visualizing is usually performed with a goal in mind, such as to settle past issues that may be causing the guilty feeling.

How to Do It

Some people are already so good when it comes to visualization they can do it even when they are doing something else. However, for those who are fairly new to the process, it may take a while before you can reap its full benefits.

To help you, here are some guidelines you can remember:

Choose a good place and time. Like meditation, visualization requires full concentration. You should never be bothered, particularly by your external environment. You can do that by selecting the location and time of your visualization properly. Find a place where you are comfortable and there’s least amount of noise. Opt for a time when you are least bothered or worried about something else.

Allow your mind to relax. You need your mind to relax to allow yourself to become more receptive to the subliminal messages you’re going to send to your subconscious. You can take very deep and slow breaths until you can feel all your muscles are already on the comfort level.

Try to develop scenarios. Slowly create mental images in your head. If you find it difficult to develop scenarios, you can purchase mp3s and CDs that are solely for visualization. They usually come with subliminal messages or affirmations or positive statements for reinforcements.

A certain situation you can visualize may go something like this: imagine yourself at a table with glasses labeled with each of the reasons for your guilt. You can then take each one of them, smashing the glasses into the floor. That can symbolize that you’re getting rid of the causes of your guilt.

Do this regularly. As mentioned, you cannot achieve the desired results at one time. You may have to visualize on a regular basis.

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