Action Plans Are Baby Steps to Goal Completion

I have identified my starting point. I know where my finish line is. What comes in between? How do I get from point A to point B. This may be very straight forward to some, but requires following a formula for success to others. After all, nobody teaches this is school!

An Action Plan is the sum of baby steps.

The idea is to decide what is takes to make baby steps forward towards your goal. You schedule them and just do it. Here are some tips:

- Write down your objective. Just one for now. This objective should be attainable within a reasonably short time, for example in 1-2 months. This will allow you to have gratification from the achievement fast enough to motivate you in continuing on to another field-trip immediately after.

- Make a 2-column chart. In Column 1, write down all the baby steps to reach your goal. Make it as detailed as possible. These are all the individual steps to reach your objective. They will include every single task such as making a phone call, searching for a service provider, asking a friend for help, writing a letter, setting up an online account, etc. Every step counts.

- In Column 2, write the dates you think each of the steps may be completed. This is your timeline for each task. If it can help, start from the end and work your way down to today to see if it seems reasonable. Adjust as needed.

- Keep this chart posted on your wall, or somewhere visible to you on a regular basis. Write all the information in your agenda or mobile calendar. Whatever you do, make sure you do not delay or forget these steps. They are of prime importance to you for the achievement of your goal.

- Make sure you schedule at least 15 minutes every day, morning or evening, to check-mark what has been done and review the schedule of your next items on the list. If there are any delays, this would be the time to make adjustments to make sure these tasks are completed promptly. No task should be delayed unecessarily. Your daily 15 minutes will also serve to report in your journal. How is it going? How proud are you of your accomplishments so far? How little is left to completion?

- Take an extra 5 minutes to be thankful for what you have in the present. This may be what you have already accomplished, or what you have learned today that will help you reach your goal in the near future, for the support you are receiving or the opportunity for growth that a challenge is offering you.

- As some of my readers already know, I usually do my work (other than my posts) the old fashioned way. I have several notebooks and a pen I love for its smoothness on paper. Although using MsOutlook's Tasks has its advantages and Calendar notes are great for remembering appointments, especially on mobiles, I don't recommend using these applications for following through with an action plan because they are not meant to be goal setting tools.

For those who need or want to have good follow-through on their next steps and progress, I suggest using a complete Goal Setting Internet service, usually available in a "for members only" format. I personally like the ones that include task management, analysis, help in forming habits, journaling, reporting and creating Vision Boards in support of your individual Goals. At 5$ a month and 60 day trial, you can't go wrong!

Baby steps are essential in goal completion and they are the best way to advance slowly but surely. If you have never tried this before, try writing down an Action Plan of baby steps to reach your goal today and start the journey right away! Whether it takes 5 days or 5 weeks to achieve your first goal, know that it will be the sum of all baby steps taking you there. Get the support you need and just do it!

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