How to Set Positive Affirmations to Help You Achieve Your Goals

Positive affirmations are a tried and tested method to help you stay positive and achieve your goals. If you continue to tell yourself you can do something, then slowly you will begin to believe it and will start to achieve it. In this article we provide you with five tips to help set your positive affirmations.
    * Step 1: Think of all of your good qualities.
    It is often easy to think of all of our bad qualities. Sometimes it seems this is all we think about. However, there is a lot of benefit to be obtained from thinking of your good qualities. Grab a piece of paper and pen and think about all of your good qualities. Are you kind? Maybe you are generous? Perhaps you are very determined or very fit and healthy. Whatever it is write it down on a piece of paper and then turn it into a present tense statement. For example, I am a generous person. This will help to keep you thinking positive and help you to realize what a unique and gifted person you are. As an added bonus, also think of all the things you have achieved and write these down too.
    * Step 2: Think of your negative thoughts.
    To use positive affirmations effectively you need to know what negative thoughts you want to counteract. Make a list of the negative thoughts you have on a piece of paper. Leave space next to each one, so you can write down a positive affirmation to help change this negative thought.
    * Step 3: Work out which are the most important negative thoughts you want to change.
    If you are like most of us, you will have quite a substantial list of negative thoughts (don't worry this is normal!). However, not all of these thoughts are equal. Work out which of the negative thoughts are most likely to hold you back from achieving your goals and focus on writing positive affirmations for these (it is best to start with two or three).
    * Step 4: Write your positive affirmations:
    Now comes the fun part, the writing of your affirmations. Make them short sharp and to the point, as well as being positive. For example, it may be that, I can lose 5kg by December 31st 2012. The more specific and positive the better.
    * Step 5: Refer to your positive affirmations, and your good qualities daily.
    Step five is the easy part! Now you have written all of your good qualities and your positive affirmations, all you need to do is to keep referring to them every day to help keep you motivated. Simple.
Don't expect things to work from day one. It can take a while to overcome all the negative thoughts and to start believing the positive ones. The key is to repeat the positive affirmations every day until they become part of your thinking. Once you believe in yourself and believe you will be successful, you will easily be able to achieve your goals.

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