There Are Three Facets to All Relationships

Lasting relationships between two people have to be successful in three aspects. These are the three keys that can unlock the potential for positive interaction and fruitful effort in that association. A sympathetic similarity coupled with cooperativeness in the couples has to pervade their attitudes regarding personal beliefs, temperaments and social roles.

Similarity in beliefs

The idea of Deity, ethics and the objective of life can take on many varying shapes and perspectives. There are perspectives that make people intolerant of any other beliefs but their own. On the opposite side, there are points of view which welcome life in all its variations.

People who lived before our times were one in affirming their reverence for nature and her varied aspects. Before formal religions were institutionalized, men more or less shared common notions about the supernatural. These notions might be called by different names from region to region but the system was the same all throughout.

Recorded history is filled with stories of intolerance for the beliefs of others. That is probably the very reason why nations in our era do not even last for one millennium whereas in ancient times, the great civilizations lasted for thousands of years. This intolerance was especially felt in the area of religion. The great religions of our time formerly forbade their members to think for themselves. The rule was to rely on revealed truths. The whole problem was that each religion had its own set of such truths.

In the past, many individuals have preferred to forsake the ideas they were born with in order to unite with others who thought as they did.

We are lucky to be living in times when people, nations and religions prefer not to emphasize their differences anymore. They would rather work on how they and their beliefs are similar in order to encourage good relationship and cooperation.

Attraction to each other

Attraction has very little to do with physical beauty although sometimes beauty may be part of the attractiveness of a person. Not all beautiful people are approachable, some can actually repel others by their temperament. Attraction is a mixture of differences and similarities. When people with different temperaments are held together by their common goals, you have one of the most productive situations possible. Being different from the other is a good way to accomplish many things together that would have been impossible to do alone. Being similar is the glue which holds that cooperative effort together.

Creating lasting relationships on the basis of the fulfillment of need alone will most of the time be impossible. People will work with each other getting what they need for what they have in excess. But that will only be until they realize that they are basically unlike each other.

Roles in relationships should be compatible

The particular stations in life that have been selected by both parties involved have to be compatible for relationships to last. This is an even more important factor that just compatibility in temperament.

It is not possible for two equally aggressive persons to co-exist in a relationship. One will have to give in to the other. People who are used to take orders cannot continue that role in their personal lives. One will have to take charge over the other

A good relationship has to be striven for

In real life, very few people can make relationships work out without a good deal of effort. Most couples will be deficient in one or all of the three factors that a good association needs. And that is the beauty of it. The relationship is supposed to grow as the insight of the partners becomes clearer.

About Gerda R. Leon: Gerda R. Leon, relationship author, encourages couples to share a laugh while watching dancing videos, disgusting videos or funny animal videos.

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