Successful Thinking Habits

We form idea's in our heads to affect our behavior whether from friends, family, or school.

1. The negative land of "W" - wishing you were there - wishing you were somewhere else - wasting time These are all disappointment, wallowing, and wishing. The positive land of "W" - feel charged up - feel energized - things feel good - working hard - willing to listen. These are where you want to achieve.

2. Uncover your blocks - look at when you are not getting things done - doing something else - blocking - know what your weaknesses are

3. Identify your scripts - I can do this - I will have fun - I am going to feel great. These are positive scripts - I can't do this - I can't do math - this is a nightmare .These are negative scripts If you start with a negative script though and realise it, you can turn it around and think positive thoughts instead. Switching scripts * think positive =)

4. Voice the goals - say out load what you want - make commitments

5. Effective use of time

6. Confidence and Chutzpha - chatzpha means be bold - Believe in Yourself

7. Stamina and Persistance - understanding - know that people with stamina are successful

8. Do it now - you won't have as much to do if you do it when you get it

So what ever you do think positive and remember about the land of "W"

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