Secret to Success: Determination and Will-Power

A lot of people who experience being on top really finds it difficult to describe what success really mean. Different people have different connotation when it comes to expressing the true meaning of success. To some people success means being on top of their careers while to others it may mean family and friends.

While success differs from one perception to another, Steven Spielberg, a famous and well respected filmmaker once said, “Failure is inevitable. Success is elusive.” He means that if each one of us is capable of grasping our success though it takes a lot of risks and sacrifices, each of us is capable of describing our own success.

Truly, success is the most difficult to describe, difficult to grasp and difficult to handle. A view from the top is a lot more different if you are still struggling to reach even the first step of the ladder. That is why, when successful people were asked about the scenario, they may answer that it takes a lot more courage to stay your foot on the ground while you see everything above everyone.

While staying humble can eventually maintain and welcome a lot more success, let us first know how these people become successful.

1. Know what success really means to you. You cannot grasp the most coveted success if you cannot even describe the meaning of success. Every person has his own perception when it comes to success. Defining your success means having goals to follow and to achieve.

2. According to the renowned writer and poet T.S. Elliot, “Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.” It takes a lot of courage and determination to reach the finest destination. Success is not a food or things that could be bought anywhere; success is earned through hard work and confidence. It is not a straight road to pass but a crooked straight line where the gold still lies at the end. Be courageous to sail with your dreams whatever it may take.

3. Mingle with successful people. Positive energy from successful people can infect you. According to some, success is a form of virus. It means a determined person opens all his channels to let all the possibilities of success in. What is best when you are around with these people is that you are more encouraged and inspired to take the road seeing them highly-driven and passionate with their goals.

4. Katinka Hesselink’s, “Don't give up trying to find your way. But do remember that sometimes it takes bending to avoid breaking,” definitely teaches us not to easily give up. As long as there is a possibility, may it be small or very difficult; one who persists and does not give up can eventually taste success. Always remember that the sweetest success comes from the things that pushed you to your limits.

5. Success does not always constitute happiness. According to some, when people are determined to grasp success, they tend to risk a lot of things even their own happiness. Do not misconstrue the two terms because they mean differently from each other. Success may be the fulfillment of your goals but it does not always guarantee satisfaction.

Success is for everyone which means, it does not choose who to be successful as long as one has determination and will power to take all the risks. A golfer may have all golf cart parts, golf cart accessories, and other essential things for the sports but success is no guarantee if one does not know how to play. Learn to accept challenge; for one who sees light behind darkness will always reach the finest success.

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