5 Habits That Make You Great!

Actions are the things that make you great. Empty words and no action will not make you great. Words are to be followed by deeds. Things happen only when we think that it can. Actions come from thought and thoughts come from habits and hence habits are the foundation of our success. Wrong habit can lead you to doldrums. On the other hand good habits can make you great.

Habits are unconscious behaviour. There is a method to engrave the habits. It is proven that any activity which is done consistently for 21 days in a row, has a very high probability of getting converted into a habit. So here is the MANTRA. Repeat the activity you want as a habit, 21 days without any break and YOU have a habit.

Thats about the formation of habits. But which are habits that will make us great?

Here are some of the habits which have potential of making you great.

1) Prioritizing the Vital few: We have the habit of running behind all the things. Instead just decide your priorities early in life and concentrate all your efforts on it. It will save lot of your energy.

2) Never postpone a work: We have this tendency to postpone a work as per the urgency. Never do this. Instead, decide on the importance of work and complete it. You get the right ideas when the job is told to you. The intensity is lost when you postpone it.

3) Always have a positive attitude: It is always a fact that people never like to be associated with anything negative. They never like to be seen with a person having negative attitude. So moral of the story is always to have a positive mental attitude.

4) Be ready to help others: Help everyone who asks for it. Believe me, it is the single most important habit that has the potential of highest returns. Never expect any favour in return. You follow this and you are on your way to greatness.

5) It's never too late to start: Most of the time have some mental blocks because of which we never try the things which we alway wanted to. So, it's never late to start. Achieve your dreams. Don't be afraid of failures.

Friends these are some of the habits that can make you great. This list is not an end in itself. This list can always expand. I welcome you all to provide your views on this.

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