Habits of Happy People and What Makes Them Happy

If we knew the secret to why people are happy, it would be so easy to be that happy person too. Why is there such a difference in happy and unhappy people? It's easy to see that as are actions express happiness, we tend to be happier. And, in reverse the same is true for unhappy people. The less happy you are, the more unhappy you will become. It's a never-ending scenario. Happiness breeds happiness and unhappiness breeds more unhappiness. It takes effort either way...my choice-be happy. Here are a habits of happy people and ways they tend to consistently be so happy with everything:

1. Happy People Perceive Themselves in a Positive View

They see the world in an optimistic way. They have goals, they write them down, and they go for those goals. They do have negative thoughts, but they're more apt to replace a negative thought with a positive one.

2. Strong, Supportive Relationships Help You Live Longer

Happy people enjoy sharing in other people's successes. They show appreciation for people in their life and they support other people's dreams. They want to make people happy. Their friendships and family relationships make tighter bonds.

3. Exercise Makes You Happy Too

It doesn't sound overwhelming so, but exercise is a great release for any tension or stress, while energizing you at the same time. It gives you another reason to be happy. That's what it's all about. The only way to make that time better would be working out with a group. Keep it up!

4. Happier people donate their time above others

They lend a hand to people in need. They volunteer because it makes them feel good. It helps them build more relationships with yet another social group. People are drawn to them as they create the best habits of all. They're remembered for the kindness they do, and help out regularly. It's a great feeling-something that is really hard to describe unless you've been there before...

5. Happy People Love the Big and Little Things That Happen Every Day

They think of incredible things that increase their inner self-esteem. They find themselves smiling just because-it could just be remembering something in the past, a friendly voice, a voice mail, most anything. They love the details of every day life, it's what makes them appreciate everything and everyone so much more.

It's amazing what little things can bring happiness to someone's life. It's even more incredible that happy people emphasize the good over the bad to make the most of life. It's all about quality. Everyone is entitled to quality of life-everything worth having is worth working towards. Being happy doesn't take much more than changing views and creating new habits. Be happy!

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