Discover How Critical It Is To Surround Yourself With Good People

Why surround yourself with good people?

Mainly because it is the right thing to do. If you were going to become a top athlete would you go and talk to a smoker, probably not. Now assuming that you had some superb natural talent and were extremely ambitious, you would seek out and find the very finest coach to train you to achieve your ultimate goal.

Does it stop there, no, you will then be looking for a sports nutritionist, a top physiotherapist and other members of your back up team. Let us take this a step further and look at your future lifestyle, the lifestyle of a top athlete. A top athlete may well have to cocoon themselves in their own world or bubble which uses words like success, winning, achievement and glory. It is a long road ahead and the only way to win is to surround yourself with the very finest people available.

The most critical thing for an athlete to keep in focus is their ultimate outcome, so for the very best athletes they may well become an Olympic champion. So, who are you going to surround yourself with? Well hopefully that well-meaning negative relative or friend will be kept a long way away from you. Your daily inspiration, dialogue, support and contact must come from those quality people who will share your dream and help you make it a reality.

I am using the example of a top athlete, but in reality it would apply to any project, ambition, sport, goal or business etc. You must carefully select those people to spend time around you, who will uplift, inspire, coach and impress the hell out of you. So you can concentrate on the important stuff, like your mindset, effective training schedules, peak performance, nutrition and health.

So what are the six vital types of people you should surround yourself with, to ensure that your path to your ultimate goal has the very best chance of succeeding.

Surround yourself with professionals

You must begin as you mean to carry on and being around professionals, at the start, is the only place to be. These people conduct themselves in the correct manner and the will guide you in the right direction. For example if I had a lower back injury I would always seek out a chiropractor or osteopath and not rely on an ordinary doctor. Specialist and professionals are the best people to take advice from always

Surround yourself with inspirational people

You must spend your time around inspirational people. Those people have tremendous charisma and show up as a brilliant light, enthusiastic and alive. Their magic will rub off on you and will help you to transition from being ordinary to becoming outstanding.

Surround yourself with successful people

It is advisable to also spend your time around those people who have gone before you and have already achieved what you want to achieve. If you want to be the Olympic 100 metre champion, you would have to spend some time with people like Carl Lewis, Linford Christie or Usain Bolt. You are liable to pick up some not only some tips, tricks and techniques, but their brilliance would probably rub off on to you.

Surround yourself with experts

In a lot of areas there are people who just excel in what they do and I mean experts. Experts can definitely keep you on track with their experiences and skill levels. One great tip picked up from an expert could be worth many thousands of dollars, pounds or euros to you. It could also save you many months of toil, hardship or going in the wrong direction.

Surround yourself with smart people

Sometimes people are not professional, successful, expert at anything at all, but what they do bring to the table are simple ideas and thoughts, which can also be critical in your success. These people can be complete novices or very experienced, but the key he is that they are just plain smart. Learn to identify these very smart and intelligent people and add them to your winning team.

Surround yourself with people who care

The last thing is to make sure that everyone who you spend your time with actually have your best interest at heart and do care about you, because otherwise you could be exploited in some way. Being around people who care is probably the most important advice I can give you here. Good times or bad these people are there for you, because they have a keen interest in your success and not for any other reason, other than they just like you, love you and just want the best for you.

In conclusion

Only surround yourself with good people, the most outstanding people available, if you want to excel in an area of your choice. Be aware of negative people and those people who are just out for themselves. Make sure any help, advisors and coaches are singing from the same song sheet.

Paul Bursey is a former police detective in London in the UK. He is now a successful internet and network marketer and coach, who is dedicated to assisting other people to become successful.

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