9 Honest Steps to Success

Step 1. Have a dream.

If you have no dream, just a vague outline, nothing will happen. Your destination must be crystal clear.

Work at creating in your mind the desired outcome this success will create for you. Whether it is success in relationships, or a financial success or athletic success, visualizing the outcome is a crucial step. Be completely sure of the result you want.

For instance if you are looking for a compatible partner for a long lasting successful relationship- take the time to write down what characteristics you are looking for. What traits are important to you to create and maintain a long-term relationship?

If you are unsure of what a long-term successful relationship requires, get around people who have them, and find out what makes that relationship work

If it's a sport or athletic goal - what result are you looking for? Visualize that result. How do you feel when you can truly see it? Remember that feeling.

If it's a financial goal - an amount of money is never a good motivator. A dollar amount is a good measure of how your plan is working, but it has no emotional value, no hook Lifestyle is the key. So find people who have the lifestyle you want and get around them, as much as you can. Look at houses they have, the cars, the holidays and vacations. Take time to visit open house dream homes, walk through those houses, and imagine they are yours. Visit car dealerships that have the cars that lifestyle has. Sit in those cars, imagine they are yours.

Imagine for instance the perfect day in your life. Who is with you? Where are you? Where are you living? What is the weather like? And so on.

Another great way of keeping the dream alive and in front of you is to find a photograph that can represent that dream, and look at it every day

It's never about money - it's what the money buys that gives you satisfaction. Be sure of what your success lifestyle requires

STEP 2. Create a plan that will honestly and without doubt achieve that dream for you.

Be very clear-eyed about this plan. If you want a certain house in a certain area, and time to enjoy it - how much does that cost? Don't forget taxes, and up keep and furniture and all that goes with such a lifestyle. Does your plan allow you to create this kind of income? Make sure you are able to have time to enjoy it?

STEP 3. Break your plan down into bite size pieces.

What do you have to do every day for that plan to work, What do have achieve at the end of a week, a month a quarter. And be honest with yourself, start from where you are, not where you think you should be, or would like to be. Be clear, honest and aware, make sure your plan starts from where you are. And make sure the pieces of the plan make the whole, and most important - that the daily and weekly work is doable. Don't set impossible work goals. Work from where you are, with steps you know you can accomplish

STEP 4. Build in failure.

If you don't achieve a goal within your chosen time frame. Check your plan. Is it still workable, does it still make sense?. If not adjust the part that needs adjusting then reload the plan and start again. It's not how long it takes you that is important. It's getting there that is everything

STEP 5. Associate with people who have achieved that particular goal, or dream.

The most effective motivator in the world is other people who already have the lifestyle you want. In fact the greatest teacher in the world is other people. That's how we learn to talk as babies - by associating with adults. If those adults speak Mandarin, we automatically speak Mandarin. If they speak English, we speak English. If they have three languages we learn all three, by osmosis as it were.

Association is the most powerful influence in the world. Who you associate with - you become. If you associate with people who make about $50,000 a year,that's how much you will ever make. If you associate with people who make $20,000 a year, that's your income. It's almost impossible to change your situation without changing your environment.

Associate with people who already have what you want - it's the guaranteed elevator to success

STEP 6. Be aware of what you need to give up to achieve your goals and dreams.

To move from where you are to somewhere else, requires change. As we all have heard, you cannot keep doing the same thing and expect different results. To create a successful lifestyle, whether in sports or finance or relationships, you will be required to change. Perhaps you will not be able to watch as much T.V. as you now do, or play your favorite game of golf, or see your friends everyday. You will have to give up things to achieve things. Be prepared.

STEP 7. Find a trustworthy group who will hold you accountable to your work habits.

Not a group who will nag or complain. A group who you trust and hold in high esteem. A group who believe in you and your goals and will be generous and honest in holding you to your goals.

STEP 8. Work the plan, all of it, and consistently.

It's no good having an excellent plan if there is no action. All action produces results, and it doesn't matter if the results are successful or not. Remember you learn as much or more from your failures as form your success. Work your plan.

STEP 9 Never, ever,ever quit.

Change the workload, change the plan, change the time frame - but never quit

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