5 Ways to Turn Unenthusiastic Emotions Into Productivity

Are you having one of those days where it feels like everything is against you? Maybe you started your day in the wrong mindset or received some bad news. Often, our mood is set by the number of beneficial moments that we've had in relation to the number of negative moments. Generally, to be in a good, productive mood; you need to have 5 times as many affirmative moments as resistive.

Noted psychologist John Gottman determined that this ratio of five positive to one pessimistic is the "magic ratio". His study predicted the divorce rate of 700 newly married couples after 10 years of marriage with 94 percent accuracy. The predictions were based on scoring the ratio of helpful to unenthusiastic interactions from one 15 minute conversation with each husband and wife.

Let's face it, resistive emotions can be harmful and unproductive; while, affirmative emotions can be very constructive to you and those around you. One thing to keep in mind is that emotions are contagious. When you're happy, chances are, you'll make others around you a little happier. If you're sad, or even worse, wrathful, it is likely that you will affect the entire environment around you.


Someone who is consistently in a good low spirits is more likely to demonstrate confidence. Conversely, people who have persistent issues dealing with their anger may damage their credibility over time. By the same token, someone who is prone to open displays of emotion such as constant crying may be viewed less favorably than someone who is in dictate of their emotions. Needless to say, riding an emotional roller coaster drains your energy and leaves you less likely to perform at your best.

While experiencing your deeper feelings and showing emotions are part of life and essential for living life to it's fullest. There are times and places where it is more accepted and productive, such as at home with friends and family.


So, if you are not at a place where emotions are helpful, how do you staying focused on the task at hand and push aside any hindering emotions you start
to feel?

1. Accept What You're Feeling. It's okay to have feelings, but you need to understand why you're having them. So, query yourself "why am I feeling this way?
Then, ask yourself "what can I do to change it?"

2. Write everything out that is making you angry, tired, or sad. It is very therapeutic to get these feelings out of your head and onto paper. You may even write down solutions to the resistive emotions that you are feeling.

3. Confer to a Friend. By having someone who will listen when you are feeling down, you will dilute the weight of the burden that you're carrying.

4. Exercise. Whatever form of exercise you prefer whether it's running, swimming, cycling, or even weight lifting; it will take your brain off of your problems. Also, there is a physical, chemical release associated with exercise, which will make you feel better.

5. Get Away from the Setting. If something is irritating you, take some time away from it. By removing yourself from the setting, you will gain a broader perspective and give your mind some time to resolve what you're feeling.

Take these solutions to heart and before you know it, you're heart will feel better.

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