Women: How Do You Actually Beat Stress?

Women do play a lot of roles: wife, mother, sister, daughter, employee, business owner, and a friend. These different characters can make any woman whole or complete-they can also be such a great source of stress.

You do not want to get yourself too stressed. Stress is one of the leading causes of illnesses in the world. It can also greatly affect your emotional and mental state. A vast number of people who are under stress are also suffering from depression and anxiety.

Here are some great ideas you can do to get rid of the stress:

1. Make yourself healthy. Your body has been designed to beat stress. However, if you have a very low immune system, it is very easy for stress to overwhelm you. You become more prone to infections and diseases. You will find it more difficult to juggle your different activities.

Thus, make sure you can find time to exercise. Exercising can also be an excellent stress buster because it works with your tensed muscles. It makes you feel more relaxed afterward. It also boosts happy hormones, which can help fight off depression and anxiety.

You also need to eat right. Choose your food well. As much as possible consume at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables every day.

2. Go out. Have fun. Go into clubs, watch a movie, enjoy a date, or even travel. There are definitely a lot of ordinary things you can do just to beat off stress. What's more, you can do this right after work. Even a walk for 15 minutes around the building can already be a good way to relieve your stress.

3. Have a massage. As mentioned, stress can cause tensed muscles. You will feel a lot of pressure in your back, shoulder, and neck. You may also suffer from frequent headaches. To avoid tensed nerves, you can treat yourself with a good massage. You can double it up with a spa or a sauna.

4. Meditate. A simple meditation can already relax you, and you can do this especially if you are right into a very intense stressful environment such as beating a deadline. Here is what you can do: close your eyes and take deep breaths. Feel the air filling up your lungs and diaphragm. Get rid of air by filling out the lungs and relaxing the shoulders.

While you are doing it, you can think or recite subliminal messages or affirmations. The subliminal messages may be customized according to what you are going through. For example, if you are beating a deadline, your subliminal messages can be "I can definitely do this" or "I am inspired to finish this task." You can also have more generic subliminal messages such as

  • - I let go of the stresses in my life.
  • - I imagine building a wall that prevents stress from coming into my life.
  • - I do not welcome the different stresses.
  • - I can feel the air relaxing my entire body.
  • - I have the power to beat stress and its ill effects.

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