What Does Anger Do To You?

Continual displays of anger can alienate a person in the home and in the workplace. No-one wants to be around a person who is always angry. It is one emotion that people do not want to get involved with and it has long lasting effect on both the person with the anger and the recipient of such an outburst.

If that is not clear enough, try this: Anger is only one letter away from danger!

To honest here, most of us act foolishly when we are angry and not only that, we often say things which we regret. Do you remember instances when people have said or done things and then had to return to apologize their actions. So, getting angry is a lot like being drunk, the drunken person is so intoxicated that he's the only one who doesn't know that he's got a problem.

Anger Management

Anger is dangerous and what makes it so dangerous is the fact that it can occur rapidly and get out of control so quickly. Before you even realize it the situation is out of control and the way to minimize damage is to regain control which many often fail to do. To minimize anger in our lives we need to understand what anger is and what causes anger.

What causes anger?

The only possible reason we can give for being angry is that a person fails to act the way we expected. That is interesting you say. In itself, anger is not an action but an emotion, or more importantly the result of an emotion. It is the reaction to another person's action. So, getting angry is letting someone else control you. When was the last time a good thing came out of you getting angry?

The next time you find yourself getting angry, ask yourself these questions: Is winning this argument worth ruining the relationship? How important would this position be a year from now? Or better still, in a month, a day, or even in an hour from now. How important will your stand -while you are angry- be to you after this time?

The moment you regain control, anger will flee. You shouldn't let someone else control how you think or how you feel!

Who surfers when you get anger?

The Buddha said, ''Holding on to anger is like holding on to a red-hot coal, you're the only one who is going to get burned''. It is unfortunate that when we hurt ourselves physically, we learn not to repeat that action again but when we hurt ourselves emotionally, we repeat the same action over and over again. Why? When no one benefits from anger!

It's not admitting fault when you decide not to allow anger to have its way in you even though the other person does everything to provoke you. Take back control:- that's what it means to be free from anger.

One outcome of anger that is so destructive is the fact that the other person may be quite innocent in the whole process in that they have not gone out their way to cause anger, but if they wear the brunt of your anger then you will be damaging your relationship with them.

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