Keeping It Simple - Why Complicate Your Life?

We are very good at making a big deal of everything!

We have become experts at complicating everything! Why do we do this? Why must we over analyse everything? When we learn to relax and feel things rather than think all the time, life becomes so much easier, and so much more fun! Keep it simple.

Think about your day today, how many times did you have to make decisions? Did you make them quickly and easily, or did you ponder for way too long on what must be done?

Remember when you were young, and you just did the things you wanted to do? You did not think about it, you just did it! Now OK, we are adults now and we need to check things first, its only common sense! But how much do we need to think first? How many opportunities have you let slip by because you thought about it for too long? Wouldn't it be good to become that kid again and just go for the experience!

Societies Straight Jackets!

It is as though we grow into a dark world, that teaches us way too much caution, make sure everything is in place first before you do anything! You hear things like, 'do you think you should do that'! Your answer could be, 'no, I feel it'! How many times have you or someone else, talked you out of doing what you wanted to do?

So we become cautious and over thinking, guess what happens then? We have to learn again to stop procrastinating! Wow! Two words we need to delete from our vocabulary - should and can't, replace them with could and can!

Get Out Of Your Head And Into Your Heart.

So next time an opportunity comes along, stop for a moment, shut your head down for a minute and feel instead, what does it feel like? If you are feeling good and excited, do it! If on the other hand it feels too fearful, then you would need to work on why before you take the plunge, but don't give in, ask your self what the fear is. Is the fear real? Is there danger? Or is it an emotional block?

Successful people do not spend hours making decisions, they have trained their mind in a way that they can make decisions quickly, and experience shows their accuracy. Even if they make a wrong choice, they don't dwell on it for hours, they delete it and move on! No mistakes only choices!

Life is way too short to waste it by thinking too much, get out there and experience real living.

If you are feeling nervous about something, run through the event in your imagination (not your head) do not allow negative stuff, see it as a huge enjoyable success and go for it!

Don't complicate your life, relax and keep it simple!

Learn to feel rather than think too much, your feelings are more accurate than your thoughts! learn to say 'I feel', rather than 'I think'. Find that strong powerful being inside of you and shut down the negative thinking! Get out there and enjoy living, take a few risks and enjoy the experience!
My Success to you, to all you deserve and desire!
Cheryl Fauvel

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