Three Things That Can Shape the Destiny of an Individual

Destiny can be defined as God's ordained plan or desire for an individual. We must of course realize that the plans of God concerning our life is good and not of evil to bring us to an expected end. The destiny of every individual differs depending on how we allow God to shape it and our own personal input.

The divine plan concerning an individual may sometime become a mirage as various factors come into play in the process of establishing the divine mandate of God. Three major forces can shape an individuals destiny- God, the Devil and the person involved.


Since the creation of the world, God has always been in the business of shaping life and fulfilling the divine plan of God in the life of individuals. He does not however force his plan or purpose on an individual. If we allow him the room to operate, he definitely will guide us into the deep secret of life and show us his perfect mandate concerning our life.

The moment we accept the lordship of God over our life, he deposits his spirit in us and this same spirit helps to direct us in the perfect way to go about our plans and purpose. The Holy Spirit also equips us with spiritual gifts that can empower us towards achieving our dreams and purpose in life.

The Devil

The Devil is the direct opposite of God as his mandate is to kill, steal and destroy the destiny of people. When the enemy discovers you have a huge potential, he will try all the tricks in the books to ensure he puts a stop to your progress in life.

How does he do this? What he simply does, is to create distraction in the life of individuals by ensuring they lose focus of God's divine plan for their life. He can bring in various forms of temptations into the path of the individual and concern, and when such individual falls into the trap of the enemy, that eventually marks the end of the journey towards divine fulfillment.

The enemy cannot however force himself on us except we allow him to do so. There is the power of choice available to every individual. We have the choice to refuse the bait of the enemy and follow the instructions of God for our life. God has given us the power to put the Devil in check and when such powers are exercised, it becomes impossible for the enemy to terminate our divine plan and purpose in life.


The individual has a huge role to play in the fulfillment of his/her dreams and purpose in life. The level of success or failure achieved is a function of the choices and decisions we make in life. God will not come down from his throne in heaven to tell us who to marry or the type of business we have to invest in. There are various materials, books, tapes, mentors available at our disposal and the ability to utilize these available resources will determine the success or failure of such individual.

The Holy Bible is the best resources I would like to recommend to any individual desirous of attaining his/her goal in life. It contains all the wisdom, knowledge and resources we can ever require to become fulfilled in life.

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Article Source: Three Things That Can Shape the Destiny of an Individual

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