Stop Procrastination - Turn Off The TV

Often when we don't feel like doing anything the TV is an all-too welcome distraction. Watching something mildly educational on TV can be a convenient excuse for not getting on with the gardening, the report, the housework, the essay, the finances or any of the other list of 'to dos' we have gathering dust. So how do we stop procrastination?

We know we want to be doing other things but the TV is just too tempting. So how do we tear ourselves away from the box, and get on with the stuff we know is going to make us feel better and give us some sense of achievement? Try this...

1. Turn the TV off

Do you ever find you're just staring at the TV? Then someone asks you about what you've been watching and you've no idea what to tell them? Often we're so tired at the end of our day that we simply just want to "veg out". The lights are on but no-one's home.

The act of turning off the TV brings you out of this trance-like state the TV put you in. We can 'hide' behind the TV - we can pretend to be listening but we're in fact 'switched off.' Turning off the TV snaps you out of this state and immediately plunges your room into silence. You then have the space to switch your mind on to the things that are important.

2. Move your body

If you find yourself 'glued' to the TV get up. The act of getting up again pulls you out of the TV trance, and moving your body gets the blood flowing to your brain. There are times when our bodies need rest. There are times, however, when we know when we're avoiding doing what we know we should be. Getting up, moving into another room or going for a short, brisk walk helps to shift your mindset and can help to get you thinking creatively about how to tackle the very tasks you're procrastinating over.

3. Make a start

No matter what you need to do and no matter how big it is you need to make a start for it eventually to be finished. You don't necessarily have to aim to finish your task unless there's a deadline on it but just tell yourself you'll 'make a start'. This gets you going and also takes the pressure off you having to perform beyond what you feel you're capable of in the moment.

These 3 steps will help you break down resistance, stop procrastination and get you going.

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