Article of the Week: 10 Clues From Your Date’s Body Language

One of the problems with most online communication is the fact that you can’t see the other person, often times, not even hearing their voice. You don’t realize how many subliminal clues that we receive when we can watch a person’s body language and hear their voice. Some individuals are very intuitive in regard to body language. A truly good salesman knows how to read the clues and adjust their tactics accordingly.

If you learn to read the clues from your date’s body language, it can help you immensely in some of those awkward moments where you’re not sure what needs to happen next or what they’re thinking.

1. Bored

Are they staring around the room or over your shoulder, looking at you only occasionally? Are they drumming their fingers, tapping their foot or doing something else repetitive? These can be signs of boredom. Yawning can also be a sign of boredom, but it can also be a legitimate sign of being tired or a response to seeing someone else yawn, so don’t be too quick to label that one as boredom without other symptoms to go with it.

2. Relaxed

The face and voice are usually key indicators of whether or not a person feels relaxed. The brow line should be smooth, not furrowed, and the jaw muscles should be relaxed, not tight, allowing for easy smiles. The speech will sound calm and unhurried.

3. Deceptive

Forced smiles, where their mouth is smiling but their eyes don’t project the same message. Holding arms close to the body or putting them in their pockets, is generally a sign of anxiety. Fear of being found out, can cause many signs of anxiety, that are totally unconscious, such as nervous twitches, biting the inside of the mouth, rubbing your chin or the back of your head.

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