Use Anger Management Activities To Control Your Anger

Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned. ~ Buddha.

Anger management activities really help you to find a better solution for your anger. You can apply these anger management techniques to just about everyone at the office. The fact is that everyone finds themselves struggling with anger at varying degrees with the people that are around them. It is all too common for people to face problems with each other based on simple things that get taken out of hand. Yet, that does not minimize the need or the frustration that they face.

As a mediator, it can do a great deal of help to the whole if the group breaks down into sections and directly relates to their anger management problems. This should start with anger management activities that are centered on the individuals that need it the most. Activities should be directly controlled by the mediator to insure that nothing gets out of hand.

An example of an anger management activity that can be beneficial is that of the group session:

- 6 to 8 people are in the group. The moderator (or someone in the group) will ask the questions:

  • * Is anyone angry at anyone in the group?
  • * Is anyone angry with anyone in other areas of their lives?
  • * Is anyone carrying a grudge that they need to get out?

- The person that has a problem will say, "I have a problem and would like to share my feelings about it." The person who the problem is directed at should agree to allow them to present their feelings without interrupting them.

- The individual with the problem presents his or her feelings. The person they are directed at (or the group) then talks about how they see the situation and they work to resolve the problem.

- The goal is to come to a conclusion about the anger and to resolve it. Not to quiet it, forget about it or to continue with the angry feelings.

- Grudges should be talked about and the person holding it should tell the person just what they can do for you to let go of that grudge. Again, working with it until it is resolved is the best way to go.

This anger management activity is just one thing that can be done. Often, anger management counseling should be done to help the individual to go through the problems as well. When the group is working on the anger management activities, it not only gets rid of the anger and frustration that is there but additionally it helps to keep the group together making them stronger.

Anger management activities are ideally present in all workforces. There are going to be problems when people work together. While problems often arise, there is no reason why they can not be addressed in a group and through anger management counseling. The whole is better for it.

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