Raise Your Creativity Levels In Five Minutes

In this article we are going to look at various ways you can switch your brain into "creativity mode" within five minutes.

Realise what creativity actually is

The first one may sound slightly weird but here it is. Simply recognise that creativity is the same as telling a joke! It's the linking up of things that have never been linked up before that result in an idea (in a joke it would hopefully end with a laugh on the listeners part). Now that you know this you will find yourself becoming aware of the connections that you make on a minute by minute basis which will result in you making more of them.

Ask a question

Ask a question about your situation. Asking questions is actually a bit of an art and science, it can take some time to learn but here's a quick primer. It's the really big questions that kickstart creativity. These are the ones that start with How, Why or What. Whether you ask them of yourself or of someone else, asking questions that start with these tend to force a person to reflect and start making new connections. The sort of questions you want to think about include: Why do we do it like that? What would happen if we did it like this? How can I simplify this?

Get emotional

When people are feeling emotional, (positive emotions that is), they often have the perception that things are speeding up. Their thinking tends to have more clarity and thoughts come and go with more speed. Do whatever you do to feel good. For some it might be a good book or chocolate for others it will be loud music. When you are in a heightened positive state you will find ideas come to you more easily.


Peoples thinking and emotions often reflect their physical state. I personally find it very difficult to think when I'm not moving. If you're the same get up and move. Walk, dance, run or hop and skip but start moving. When your body starts moving you brain starts working,

Take action

Often the best ideas come to us when we take action rather than sit and ponder. If you are looking for an idea but don't have one plunge into things anyway. Any successful writer will tell you that there are days when they feel they have nothing left to write. They have disciplined themselves to sit down in front of the computer and start writing. They do not wait for the idea to come to them they chase after it. This can be applied to more than just writing.

Some people are naturally creative, other people aren't but I believe that everyone can become more! It is simply a matter of conditioning your brain to start making new connections. Try out some of the above methods for five minutes a day and see what happens!

Joseph Benn is an enterprise support professional with a strong interest in creative thinking and techniques that give you the edge in business and in life. He has a book coming out this year centered around generating viable business ideas in fifteen minutes or less. He writes weekly at http://www.ideasmapping.com

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