Affirmations for a Happier Life

One of the easiest ways to feel better and cope better is by using positive affirmations.

These are statements in the present tense that affirm that you are worthwhile and capable. They do work wonders. Say each affirmation in three ways:

Consider first that you are talking to yourself;

I (your name) feel happy and well.

Then think of it as if your mother or other authority figure is telling you the truth about yourself or commanding you;

You (your name) feel happy and well.

Lastly, consider that other people are talking about you among themselves and you are overhearing them;

He/She (your name) seems happy and well.

These are always to be in the present, never in the future. Some suggestions:

I, _______(your name) __ love others and they love me.

You, _____(your name) __ love others and they love you.

He/She, __(your name) __ loves others and they love him/her.

I, _______(your name) __ deserve all the benefits available to me.

You, ____(your name) __ deserve all the benefits available to you.

He/She, _(your name) __ deserves all the benefits available to him/her.

I, _______(your name) __ can do whatever I need to do.

You, ____(your name) ___ can do whatever you need to do.

He/She, __(your name) __ can do whatever he/she needs to do.

If you can say these aloud in front of a mirror, that's good. You will, of course want to make up your own; just be sure they are in the present tense and use the format above.

There is no limit as to how often you can say these.

The reason this kind of affirmation works so well is that you are receiving the information as if it is already true and from the three kinds of sources you are used to listening to and believing; yourself, an authority and what you think others think about you.

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