20 Ways to Shape Your Life

1. Let Your Mistakes Be Accepted
When you make mistakes do not take them too hard. Do not beat yourself up over mistakes just learn and move on.

2. Stop a Bad Habit
Think of a bad habit that you know you have and try your hardest to dump that habit. Try and replace with that habit with a positive activity or habit.

3. Work on Self-discipline
Try working on ways of self-discipline, ex. try not to buy stuff on impulse. Try not to get that fast food meal when you are out.

4. Find a New Friend
Make a new friend at work, or at the school you attend. They might be a lifelong friend.

5. Find a New Job
If the job you have has you very stressed and unappreciated find a new job. Make sure to find a new job only if you are in the position to find one.

6. Try a Diet
Try doing a diet built just for you, meaning do not try to find a good diet make one that fits yourself.

7. Write Ideas Down
Let's face it we all do not have the best memories. Write anything down so you will not forget it. This will also take more stress off you.

8. Make a Morning Routine
Design a routine for your morning so you will not forget anything and you will give yourself more time to get off to school or work which will reduce your stress.

9. Take a Trip
Plan to take a trip somewhere far away that you have never been and discover something you did not know about.

10. Reorganize Your Office Space
Try reorganizing your office space every few months' time permitting if you can. This will make it feel like you are not stuck in one spot.

11. Learn a Second Language
The majority of people speak only one language. Learn a new language you never know when you can use it.

12. Try to Agree With People
Nobody likes a disagreeable person so try to agree with people even if they are not right. It will make things go much smoother.

13. Give Yourself Money First
Put money aside for yourself for leisure or something you have wanted. Try before you pay your bills if financially able.

14. Try Getting Up Early
Set your alarm to get up early. You will find that you can get things done in the morning in just a few minutes.

15. Stay Focused
Whenever you have a task, job or project to get done stay focused and stick to it and finish it. This will take stress and pressure off you.

16. Strive for better not perfect
Nobody is perfect and truthfully we do not want that. Improve your life by bettering yourself at things but don't expect to be perfect. This will take tons of stress off of you.

17. Don't Be Your Worst Enemy
We all criticize our self and tell our self we cannot from time to time. Do not allow these words or thoughts to be thought about you. This will improve your self-esteem.

18. Always Have Reasons to Love Your Life
There is always somebody with a situation worse than your own. Learn to love your life for everything great in it.

19. Don't Waste Your Knowledge
We all know different things and some people have knowledge of things others do not. Do not waste that knowledge by not using it.

20. Add Gratitude in Your Life
Many people do not say thanks to things in their life. Try always saying thanks in life, it goes a long way.

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