Top 5 Tips on How to Maximize Your Day

How many hours do you have in a day? It is 24 hours. However, 8 hours is spent in sleeping, so you actually have 16 hours or less for everything else that you need to do. Because you are limited with time, you have to learn how to make the most out of it.

1. Start your day early.

If you are made to choose between being a morning or an evening person, it is best if you can be the former. Though there is peace and quiet when you do things in the evening, you will accomplish more in the morning. Banks, grocery stores, and offices are open during daylight. If you are meeting out friends, they would usually be available in the mornings or afternoons. You can run errands, visit parks with your kids, and travel far. Besides, your body has been designed to wake up in the morning and sleep at night.

2. Practice the Pareto principle.

It is also referred to as 80-20 rule. It is named after Vilfredo Pareto, who discovered that 80 percent of Italy's land is owned by just 20 percent of its population. When applied to efficiency, it means you go for those that require very little of your time but create significant results. For instance, instead of going to offices to pay for bills, you do it online. You do not end up wasting a lot of time and money commuting.

3. Learn to delegate.

Unless you're an alien or a superhuman, you cannot do some things at the same time. In fact, you cannot accomplish all tasks on your own. So you will have more time on things that truly matter and you're good at, you should delegate. Allow others to carry on routine tasks or jobs that you're not familiar about.

4. Don't micromanage.

You delegate tasks, yes, but you still have the tendency to get involved in all of them. Micromanagement is exhausting and certainly not a good way to spend most of your time. What you can do is to make people accountable and responsible for their jobs. Give them your expectations and time line when you want to see them realized.

5. Limit the stress.

Don't sweat the small stuff. Avoid getting into non-sense arguments or debates among family members and friends. Say no to tasks you know you cannot do. These things can already do wonders in reducing the amount of stress you're exposed to. Stress is detrimental to one's health. It makes you sick, and you cannot expect to maximize your day when you're always tired and feverish. Stress also causes a lot of clutter in the mind, preventing you from making good decisions on how to use your time.

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