There Is a Champion Inside You - 6 Things You Ought to Know

Champions are not called so because of their stature, age or accomplishments but because they have the disposition to win. A champion is not a champion because he has won many trophies or is spectacular but because he is effective at what he does. Championship has nothing to do with the contest or the fight; it has everything to do with the spirit, or attitude that one carries. You can be effective; you can inspire others and become a change agent. I would like to help you discover the fact that you are championship material as I continue to share some insights.

1. To be considered a champion you do not always have to come first or have the spotlights on you because that is what you have been told. You have never won anything since pre - school, not even a book price or stood on the podium on sports day those many years ago. We are not all athletes and chart topping musical successes but we can succeed at something.

2. Champions value the preparation process and understand that it is better to be prepared for an opportunity when it comes than begin to prepare when the opportunity is on the doorstep. Education and literacy are a very important part of that preparation. How are you going to compete when you do not even possess basic qualification? It is not too late to go to school and there's nothing cool about being a fool. I know someone who graduated with his first degree in agriculture way past his forties and I bet you he is successful wherever he is because he is unlimited.

3. You are not just interested in the task at hand but you name your victory and what your reward will be when you attain, for example if you set out to get an engineering degree, you are not doing it because you love books, you are doing it because the qualification helps you achieve your goal of being the plant engineer for that manufacturer you have always wanted to work for. Being the champion that you are you have set those specific goals.

4. Champions lose sometimes, but they are not defined by a single defeat, they live to fight another day. In football they always honor as top coach the one who helps a team to clinch the league and trophies, but I believe the coach who saves a relegation threatened team with limited resources is much as a champion as the one who takes titles and trophies.

5. Though others may not affirm them and recognize them, they still respect others and do not think of themselves more highly than they ought. A spirit of humility is a sign of a winning attitude. I am aware of some "winner takes all contests", but being a true champion doesn't mean that you get to the top by stepping on others but you help each up. It is lonely at top only for those who get there at all costs.

6. True champions are not just interested in individual brilliance, though they may be the shining star, the one who surpasses all; they are the match winner for the team as they turn on the style and inspire a "can do" attitude in others who may be timid or intimidated.

You are probably waiting for a chance to come your way, were you will be acknowledged by others as a champion, but I would like you to know that what you have does not need the validation of others, but of the One who created you and placed potential inside you. Begin to place a demand on yourself and tell yourself that you will be the best that you do. Risk big, fail big, win big and I will see you at the top, champion.

Fitzgerald Mujuru is an author motivational speaker, marketing consultant and musician. He is the author of soon to be published book, "Power Thought For Today" motivational series. He is the pioneer of Jeduthun Music which has been recording and doing live shows in the last ten years. You can visit him on

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