Let's Have A Laugh!

Did you know - laughter reduces food cravings and boosts our immune system?

Apparently kids laugh up to 400 times per day, and us sad adults only a poor 17-20 times a day! That is one to think about, I don't think I have managed anywhere close to 17 today! Ok I am off to watch something funny!

I think we all know that a good laugh makes us feel better and we know that it induces our feel good factor hormones like endorphins, which is obviously good, but how aware are we of the knock on effect? There is always more where energy is concerned, so let us take a look.

What Else Does A Good Laugh Do for us?

Well there is the obvious first, any stirring of energy is a good thing, it gets everything going, so - we are taking in more oxygen which feeds our blood and the rest of our body this is good. It brings a nice flush of oxygen to our face and exercises our facial muscles (I like that one), it reduces stress and enhances our antibodies.

I was unaware of the food craving thing I have to admit, I did not know that one, burns calories? Ok, yes can go with that, how long are we laughing?

The main importance here though, is the anti-stress factor, don't you think? We all need some of that.

Gives Us A Lift.

We all enjoy a good laugh and it is definitely healthy for us. The human body has a strong physical response to laughter, scientists say that it is a natural cure for depression and emotional disease!

Of course it is going to lift our spirits and it would take our focus away from any problems for a while, so it is bound to help any dark feelings. Personally I love the oxygen and energy part of it because my belief is strongly with energy and the better it flows the less problems we have.

The oxygen, well it has been proved that by breathing properly, we improve our health dramatically. We are very poor at breathing properly, we go around so tense that we are only capable of short breaths, we have our shoulders up to our ears, and chest so tight how on earth can we breath properly?

Energy and oxygen gets trapped and blocked, sometimes when we are really stressed it is as if we are starving ourselves of oxygen, almost to the point of suffocation! We are increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease!

Help Yourself!

When we are stressed we do terrible things to our body, we tighten up so much that it puts an unbelievable amount of pressure on our bodies. Our bodies are extremely clever and cope with enormous amounts of damage that we do to our selves.

Isn't it time we started to give this magnificent body of ours a helping hand.

We really should take more care of ourselves, and that starts with education and understanding. Do your self the best favour ever, learn about your body. It carries you around all day everyday! listen to its needs.

And go have a right good laugh!

A positive outlook can do wonders for your health. Laughter is contagious. Not only can a good belly laugh improve your health, it can improve the environment around you. Sharing a laugh builds strong social bonds and a mutual sense of joy!
My Success to you, to all you deserve and desire!
Cheryl Fauvèl

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