Concentration - 5 Ways To Improve Yours

Distraction can be found in all forms from a really interesting TV show, blaring rock music or even the pitter patter of the rain as it hits the roof. When this happens, a person fails to focus on the task they're supposed to be handling, translating to poor quality results as well as delays in completing jobs.

Although distraction or lack of concentration may happen from time to time, people who frequently have problems with lack of focus may need to start improving their concentration skills. The following are five techniques used to improve your concentration.

1. Choose the Best Place and Time for Work

Sometimes, the mind is just too busy with everything else that it fails to deliver the demands of the person. To overcome this, simply look for a quiet place to work, far from all distractions. Knowing the best time in which the brain is functioning would also be helpful. Usually, this is during early in the morning or the afternoon but may vary from one person to another.

2. Break down Tasks

For most people, trying to concentrate for long periods of time is their downfall. To counteract this, set a goal and break jobs into smaller task that may be achieved within a short amount of time. By doing this a person would be able to focus on that one small task instead of contemplating a large workload that could take them several hours to finish - a thought that can be discouraging in itself.

3. Use Concentration Techniques

In order to improve your concentration skills, you can practice games designed to increase focus. These include counting backward from 100 to 1 while skipping 2 or 2 digits. One can also put pen to paper and draw images while keeping their eyes shut. This would allow them to concentrate their thoughts to an image and see if the hand managed to follow what their mind was seeing.

4. Take Breaks

This may sound counterproductive to improve your concentration but it actually works. One of the reasons why people lose their focus is simply because they are trying to concentrate for so long the brain is no longer capable of grasping basic issues. When this happens, stand up and take a breath of fresh air. Watch the trees and focus on green objects in order to relax the mind. Individuals find that their mindset becomes more focused after the well-deserved rest.

5. Observe Yourself

Of course, there are other ways to improve your concentration and the fact is that different techniques work for different people. Hence, trial and error may be necessary for this stage in order for a person to understand how their system works. For example, there are those who concentrate better listening to soothing music while others like to hear birds chirping in the background.

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