I Want To Be Creative, How About You? 6 Tips to Help You

In this article 6 tips for how to embrace creativity and become more creative. This article is meant for anyone who might struggle or fail to believe that they can be creative. Let's being with a quote, something powerful from India and the ancient vedic sage who on describing humans said that all were, "the unmeasurable potential of all that was, is and will be". Now that's a pretty powerful way to start and on that note, let's go straight to the tips.

1) Creativity is like exercise
You must believe this is true. If you go to the gym every day you'll become fit. If you do a crossword every day you become good with words. The point is that you have to practice to become creative and it's not something that is innate. Point number one is that you must practice as often as possible but regular practice is best. Do something creative every day and it'll become part of your life.

2) Knowledge is key
Not only must you practice being creative but you must learn, learn and learn some more. The more knowledge you require the better you will become to go for it and learn and remember the knowledge.

3) Be like a child
Children maintain a sense of nothing is impossible. Act like a child when it comes to freeing your mind to create. Put yourself in the frame of mind where nothing is embarrassing nor limits your thought process.

4) Don't rush
Take time to allow your creative juices to flow. Try to clear your mind of any stresses or worries that you might have before creating something. Go for a walk or maybe a run to freshen up and get your body ready for creative thought.

5) Record your creative efforts
Do this so you can see progress. Sometimes this will be good and sometimes bad although this doesn't matter. What matters is you can see what you did, review it and move on for the next time. This will not always be a smooth road but that's part of the fun of learning a skill and sometimes you will surprise yourself

6) Embrace lateral thinking
This is a bit tricky to do but try to think of in terms of doing opposites. A great example would be Einstein. Before Einstein's theory of relativity the speed of light was measured relative to another object. The scientists knew something was wrong though as this wasn't what was seen in the universe. Einstein's creative genius was to say the opposite; that the speed of light was constant and this lead to his famous theory of relativity.

The 6 tips presented in this article are great ways to help your creativity. Remember to work hard on them and don't forget that creativity is a discipline so regular practice is paramount. You must also take action and be positive when your hit a block but all in all points here are worth considering.

Author Info: Scott Channon http://scott-channon.com

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