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You may not be able to control your bouts of anger in regards to the frequency or what triggers them, but you can apply some anger management 911 emergency tactics that will certainly help in the heat of the moment.

Step One:
Learn to recognize the signs. If you think about it, you are going to begin to recognize little signs that anger is on the verge. These could even be signs before you realize that you are even entering into an angry state.

Step Two:
Compare your states. In other words concentrate on how you feel when you have no anger management control. This will help you to recognize when anger is pending. Once you are able to recognize the rage welling up in you in the early stages you will have more time to get it under control.

Step Three:
If you are able to recognize that an angry outburst is pending but you are not at the stage yet where you can defuse it at this time, then make any excuse you have to, to get away from the situation you are in. If you are in a meeting then excuse yourself and say that you are not feeling well. If you are with someone tell them you have to go look for something in the car. Make any excuse you can but remove yourself.

If you are alone and anger management is beginning to become difficult, distract yourself. Keep a book near by that you enjoy reading, turn some music on, or go put a comedy program on television. It many only take 5 minutes or it could take a ½ hour but do not return to the situation you were in that the anger was beginning to show. Once you feel the anger has past then go back to the situation. Repeat this exercise as often as necessary.

Step Four:
If you find that no matter how many times you do the exercise in step three, then there is a trigger here that is robbing you of anger management. If possible get out of the situation for the day. Later on when you feel calm go through the events of that situation step by step until you feel that twinge of anger. That will help you identify the trigger.

Step Five:
When you identify the trigger analyze it. What is it that made you feel anger. Was there someone present that irritated you? If so, what about them was there that irritated you? Does that relate to any other experiences in your past?

These five steps are not permanent fixes to your anger management problem. There are emergency fixes to help remove some of the frustration and embarrassments that you are subjected to with your anger problem.

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