5 Amazing Tips For Taking More Action

In order to reach any dream or goal in life, one has to take action - things usually don't happen if you just sit home waiting for miracles. The annoying thing is that taking action is pretty hard for most people, and it is much easier to procrastinate on things and wait for a better moment time after time. Unfortunately the time is never just right, so what we should do instead is to find ways of starting g the things we have to do, and start right now.

I have collected here five great tips that will help you to take more action:

1. Use a to-do list with only three tasks

If you have too many things in your to-do list, you will get overwhelmed and it is likely that you won't get anything done. Instead, choose only three very crucial things every day that you want to get done. It will be much more than what most people achieve daily anyway.

2. Tell other people what you are going to do

When you are accountable to other people, it will be much easier for you to keep your word. You don't want to disappoint your friends, so tell them what your plan of action is and then just keep your word.

3. Set rules for yourself and don't cheat

Respect yourself and remember that cheating yourself is not an option. Set your own standards and principles for how you want to behave - when you follow these principles over time, you will create a habit of being effective every day, which on the other hand will make you feel good.

4. Leave "shoulds" away

Instead of thinking that you should do something, always choose to do things. When you take the control back to yourself and decide what you choose to do instead of giving your personal power away, it will be much easier to take action.

5. Find enthusiasm

Sometimes the lack of motivation is the biggest obstacle in taking action. Think about the bigger goals in life that you will achieve when you start taking those small steps daily. One good way of finding the right mood is by listening to music that pumps you up and gets you full of energy. Then it is much easier to take action.

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