3 Tips to Writing Positive Thinking Affirmations

There are many reasons why you should take the time to write positive thinking affirmations. Simply writing them everyday can have a profound effect on you. First of all, most people never actually take any real time to write down what they want even once. The time you spend simply creating your positive thinking affirmations serves you well to get that subconscious of yours aware of what you actually want in your life, whether it be money, health or a relationship. So here are my 3 tips to writing these powerful positive thinking affirmations!

1. Make a list of all the things you want in your life AND all the things in your life you do not like. The second list may be easier for some to come up with.

2. Create present tense, emotionally charged sentences that you will be writing everyday from that list. Here are some examples:

If you do not like your weight, write, "I am so happy and grateful I have a perfect body."

If you do not like your financial situation, maybe this might work for you, "I am so thankful I have an abundance of money."

3. Write them everyday.

My positive thinking affirmations have altered over the years. The ones I used to write that didn't fully resonate with me, I stopped writing. Even cooler, some of the things I used to write came true to I no longer had to write them. Now, this practice is something ANYONE can do and it costs you absolutely nothing, but, it is very powerful when you write these everyday and start chipping away at the programming that is currently in your subconscious.

I have had some amazing things happen to me and people I have taught to do this. I have 2 separate friends that had a lot of people that owed them money. I told them to start writing, "I am so happy and grateful that _____ has paid me." You may not believe it, but both of them were surprised by checks after writing those statements for less than 3 weeks! In fact, on my blog page I have a video testimony from one of them stating it.

One word of caution though, do NOT use negative sentences. Here is one example of what you should NOT write:

"I am happy to be out of debt" - This sentence talks about debt, I believe positive thinking affirmations activate the law of attraction as well as program your subconscious. You do not want to attract more debt!

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