5 Steps To Stop Procrastination Now

Why do people do what they know is "bad" for them and don't do what is good for them? The answer lies in what drives human behavior.

Psychology and related behavioral sciences have revealed that human behavior is driven by two forces -- "reward vs. punishment," or "positive reinforcement vs. negative reinforcement," or simply put, pain vs. pleasure.

No matter how you state it, human beings have only two motives for EVERYTHING we do: to gain pleasure or to avoid pain.

So back to our questions: why aren't more people healthier, happier, and more successful? Because "success is a product of making a habit of doing things you don't like to do." Achieving what you want requires effort, energy, or work. It doesn't happen immediately, and sometimes it's downright hard! And that's a form of pain to most people.

How can you make these forces work for you instead of against you?


Write down an unhealthy action that you need to change or a healthy action you have been putting off.


Write down the pain you associate with taking the action. This could be something as simple as, "I'd have to get off the couch and miss my favorite show," or as difficult as as "My family will be angry with me or reject me." This exercise won't do you any good if you're not honest with yourself.


Write down all the pleasure you've gotten from NOT following through or NOT doing the healthy action. "I get to keep watching TV." "I get to stay in my comfort zone and not have to not take any risks." "I don't have to worry about failure." "I keep the peace with my family and friends," and so on.


Begin to leverage these forces on yourself: What will it cost me if I DON'T take this action or if I DON'T change this bad habit? Write down all the pain you will have if you DON'T do what you need to do.


Answer this question: What will I GAIN if I take this action? What PLEASURE will I have from implementing this new, healthy behavior? Shift your focus to the END RESULTS.

We so often don't do what would be good for us because we focus on the PAIN OF THE PROCESS instead of the PLEASURE OF THE END RESULTS -- another reason to become "outcome driven."

We go towards what we focus on. What we focus on becomes our reality. FOCUS ON THE PLEASURE AND THE BENEFITS of the healthy, success behaviors you need to follow through on. This will INSPIRE and ENERGIZE you to GET GOING.

Follow these steps. TAKE ACTION. GET GOING!!

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