The Skinny on Willpower: How to develop self discipline - Book Review

The Skinny on Willpower: How to develop self discipline

By: Jim Randel

RAND Publishing

$12.95 Paper

$9.95 E-Book

Jim Randel has spent thirty years studying the subjects of willpower and self-discipline. He has read every book and article on the subject, he has listened to all the CDs. He has spoken with the experts. He has interviewed superstars in the movies and TV, athletics, politics and business. This book is the conclusion of his studies.. Randel has concluded that the secret to achievement is one of desire, hard work, grit, determination and persistence … all of which require willpower and self-discipline. Randel believes that all things are possible if one is willing to pay the price.

Book Review:

The Skinny on Willpower: How to develop self discipline is the story of a young couple billy and beth - each with a goal that requires the development of willpower and self discipline. Each struggles with their challenge but through trial and error and advice of the moderator, find the way to achieve their dreams.

This book successfully covers following important lessons:

1. Be sure you are totally committed.

2. Prepare yourself for a difficult journey.

3. Prepare for your challenge by reducing the instances in which you will need to exert willpower.

4. Identify your goal and the process to get there in as concrete, specific, and finite terms as possible.

5. Divide your challenge into small, manageable pieces.

6. Maintain vigilance over your thoughts.

7. Control your dominant thoughts.

8. Frame your challenges in a pleasurable, not painful, manner.

9. Pick your spots.

10. Force yourself to visualize the end of a succession of “either/or” choices.

11. You already have more willpower than you realize.

12. The more you use your willpower, the more confidence and strength you have for new challenges.

13. Turn positive activity into habits.

14. Self-discipline is not self-deprivation.

15. Strong willpower can take you to new heights in life

Some of the important excerpts from the book:

1. Be sure you are totally committed. People who truly “set their mind” activate certain energies that give them strength for achievement. Many who think they make a sincere commitment to their goal really don’t. For example, some people who say “I am on a diet,” really mean “I will avoid fattening foods when it is convenient for me to do so.” That is not a commitment.

2. Pick your spots. There will be times in your life when your willpower tank will be low. Give yourself time to recover and build your strength back. If, for example, you have just finished studying for and taking a college exam, wait a while before you start an exercise program.

3. You already have more willpower than you realize. There are innumerable stories of people who accomplished incredible acts of willpower because “they had to.” Never say to yourself: “I don’t have the willpower or self-discipline to do that.” The fact is that you do have it; it is simply in reserve, waiting for the time when you fully engage with a goal that is extremely important to you.

There are some great quotes, references and makes it a delight to read. A book you can pick up at any point and get value. Visit Skinny On website to get this great book.

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