Identify and eliminate your Fears

Most of us have experienced each of the fears mentioned or seen other people experience them. They can have a dramatic effect on individuals and the world in which we live…

Take some time to think about yourself and your life…what aspects are you unhappy with and would like to change? What fears lie behind these aspects? It is not always easy to identify fears as they can be subtle, persuasive or addictive silently directing your behavior. Recognizing them and their influence can be complex and may involve taking a long, hard look at your life.

Fear encourages us to stay stuck and not to embrace change. The more you dislike or avoid change the greater your underlying fears. If the unexpected disturbs you, then fear is holding you in its grip.

For most of us overcoming our fears (of whatever) takes time and we also need a real desire to want to put the fear to bed.

The following sayings are ones that I have found useful over the last few years – if any resonate with you put them where you can refer to them regularly and keep repeating them to yourself.

Pushing through fear is less frightening than living with the underlying fear that comes from a feeling of helplessness

Ships in harbor are safe but that is not what ships are for

Security is not having things, it’s handling things

Whenever you feel “I am afraid” replace it with “ I am excited”

Replace “I am vulnerable” with “I am protected”

Meditate to help release your fears

Here is a simple meditation which you can do to help release any fears you may have. Start by deciding which fear is the one you would most like to get rid of now…there is no need to rush the meditation, just go forward at a gentle and unhurried pace.

• Focus on the specific fear

• Breathe slowly in and out, visualizing your breath washing the fear until it is totally transparent

• When you have done this, see the fear in your mind’s eye burst into flames and burn itself out

• As it is burning, feel peaceful energy flow out of your heart and into the rest of your body, your mind and your daily life

• As you practice, you will feel a weight being lifted from your shoulders and your fear will lose its sting

• As you become aware of this, breathe slowly and see yourself covered in a halo of flames which cannot hurt you but which are just burning away all obstructions

Remember, when you worry about things or are scared of something happening you create negative energy and according to the spiritual law of attraction you will end up attracting the things you don’t want into your life…

For more information please visit Fear and Phobias Hypnosis

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