Freedom From the Fear of Rejection

The fear of rejection is something that is almost "hardwired" in each if us. I say that because that is how it feels to you if you harbor it within your mind/body i.e. hardwired and unshakeable.

Why does it feel so ingrained? What purpose does it serve us? Is it actually useful to us? If not what can be done about it?

The reason it feels so ingrained is because it is conditioned deep within us when we are young children. As babies we are totally dependent on our care takers for our survival. As our needs as children could not possibly be always attended to there were times when our caretakers "failed" to be there for us, likely through no fault of their own.

When these needs went unmet however, we were left feeling emotionally and/or physically deprived of care. This created within us feelings of emotional hurt. One of these was the feeling of abandonment or rejection. This "hurt" remained within us and also grew cumulatively each time other needs went unmet.

As we grew older these "emotional scars" became submerged within us but never really healed. In our adult lives we unconsciously find ourselves making automatic decisions to avoid or negotiate our way around situations that might re-evoke the pain from these old scars.

In other words, whenever we sense a situation that might portend the re-emergence of the old feelings of abandonment or rejection we feel, if we are aware of it, a sense of fear or anxiousness and this automatically causes us to behave in ways we think will make these feelings go away.

Such behaviors often take the flavor of trying pleasing others in ways that are actually devaluing of one's self. For instance, the entire "political correctness" movement, in my view, is an example of this type of behavior in action.

Political correctness is about saying something that is not actually coming from a place of genuineness, rather a place of disingenuousness. In other words one is being "forced" into be dishonest with themselves and with others about what they really think and/or feel.

What is driving this? Fear of rejection for one. What is the consequence to one's self esteem and self worth as a result of such "falseness"? Well, if you allow yourself to feel what happens to you when you are being anything but genuine and true to yourself I think you will see clearly that this only brings you down.

So clearly the fear of abandonment or rejection only serves to lower your self esteem and self worth. Is that good for you?

Also if you notice how you automatically find yourself trying to avoid feeling the old emotional wounds of abandonment and rejection I think you will see how little control you actually have over yourself and your life. That is because such wounds enslave and direct your behavior at every turn.

Not only are you enslaved, but carrying, keeping submerged and behaving in ways that attempt to help you avoid the old wounds drains a significant chunk of your vital life energy. This predisposes you to illness and premature death.

If you've ever heard of the connections that are now being discovered between various illnesses, i.e. cancer, and personality types this is exactly what I'm addressing here.

So what can be done about this if anything?

Well there is now a tool called the Mind Resonance Process(TM) (MRP) that helps you painlessly and quickly release the old wounds of abandonment and rejection.

The net result of doing so is that the fear of abandonment and/or rejection no longer drives your life, you are freed to make more conscious choices for yourself, you are able to live from a place of honesty and personal truth, you regain significant amounts of vital life energy and your health and longevity improves.

Not only that but you feel a greater sense of internal peace, joy, happiness, contentment and mastery over your life.

If you are interested in knowing more about MRP can help you totally transform your life kindly visit the web link below and download a free interactive audio file on MRP as well listen to a special message I have posted for you there.

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