Do I Need To Set Goals?

Have you ever wondered why some people never achieve a fraction of what they dream of? It's because if they don't set goals than all they are doing is just dreaming.

When you set goals you are putting powerful forces into play that will literally help you achieve success. Think about getting a specific degree. You know what it takes and you know from the beginning how long it should take. From there you can easily plan what you need to accomplish each semester to be on track.

Once you set goals you will have a road map for your success. By following your road map you will be able to determine if you need to make corrections to your path. Sometimes you may need to work harder or you may find yourself ahead of schedule which will give you the opportunity to reset your goal even higher.

When you take the time to set goals you're being proactive in dealing with challenges that may affect your plans. The key benefit to being proactive means you can typically anticipate difficulties that may occur and come up with the solution in advance. By being prepared in advance you have confidence to deal with these challenges and they will be much less stressful.

After you have set goals in place it will be easier for you to check your progress towards your goal. You will find that checking your progress along the way actually helps with your confidence as well as keeping you on track to reach your goal.

Some people think that once they have set goals they're done. Well they are wrong. If all it took to be successful was having a goal then every 5 year old girl in America would have a pony. All kidding aside besides taking the time to set goals you have to take action. That means that you must always be moving towards your goal. As long as you working toward your goal and you determine never to give up you will eventually achieve success..

For most people the secret to success when setting goals is that they are believable. If you set goals that are so huge you don't even think they are possible you will never be motivated to give it a try. which means you failed before you even get started. Take the time to think through you abilities as well as your circumstances and don't be afraid to dream big. Just make sure when it's all said and done with that you believe it's possible.

The other critical factor to when you set goals is making sure you have a deadline. Someone once said that goals are dreams with deadline and I agree. If you don't have a date that you are going to reach this goal by then all you are doing is dreaming. Setting a date puts an end to just thinking about it and prompts you to get started.

As you set goals and begin to achieve them, even if you are only partially successful, be sure to congratulate yourself which will help you stay motivated. That isn't to say you should be comfortable with minor success. Keep striving to achieve the total goal.

The fact is you can set goals for any area of your life. They can be personal, professional, spiritual, family or finances. No matter what area you are setting the goal for just make sure it's measurable and it's a goal you want to reach. Whether you want to make another $10,000 per year or you want to make a million the process is the same.


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